The directors of NEWS sarl, the publishers of Good Morning Monaco, the six-times a week daily newsletter published and registered in the Principality, are very happy to announce that the number of subscribed readers has passed the 3,000 mark.

Very importantly, the vast majority of recipients open and read Good Morning Monaco every morning and the engagement rate is above 82 percent in an industry where the average opening rate is just six percent.

I am ecstatic that we have reached this figure as it shows that we have a very effective reach into the various communities in Monaco where French is not the native language.

In addition, the NEWS.MC website is by far the most visited website in English in Monaco.

Using figures from online media research platform, we can see that other news sites lag far behind us. We are also ahead of all French-language news websites in Monaco with the exception of Monaco Matin.

We are looking ahead to further organic growth and new partnerships in the future.