The neighbouring Alpes-Maritimes have been spared the worst excesses engendered by protestors against France’s proposed pension reform, but guerrilla tactics by the former-Communist CGT union have nevertheless caused some disruption.

On Monday the strikers managed to close down operations at Cannes-Mandelieu airport, favoured by private jets, and flights were diverted to Nice.

On Tuesday, the class warriors shifted their ire to the Cadam administrative area of Nice, which includes the offices of the local Prefect, where electric supply was cut. Eighty little blue vans of EDF arrived at the Prefecture and cut the current to schools and businesses as well as the central government’s nerve centre, saying, ironically, they were following ‘energy sobriety’ as promoted by the state,

Also on Tuesday, the CGT threatened to close down MIPIM, the annual international real estate love-in in Cannes, “because the Department is in the process of becoming a nature reserve for rich migrants.”

“They want to push workers to work for poverty wages until they are 64. And during that time, the wealthy real estate professionals of this world will rejoice in Cannes with petits fours and Champagne,” the revolting union members said. The Prefect banned demos near the conference hall.

So far, Monaco has felt little or no impact from the ongoing industrial tussle next door. Despite estimates of 60 percent of local trains being cancelled, service ran normally on Wednesday and in Beausoleil the trash is still collected on a daily basis. On the horizon the darkest cloud is the likelihood of fuel shortages as strikers target several major oil refineries across France.

Meanwhile, in Paris the Socialist mayor has refused to mobilise emergency workers to remove the estimated 8,000 tonnes of uncollected rubbish from the city streets, saying she supports the bin-collectors’ right to strike. The apolitical rats are having a feast.

FILE PHOTO: The cooling tower of Bouchain power station, a 585-megawatt (MW) gas-fired power plant is seen during sunset in Bouchain, northern France, France, December 12, 2022. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol