A 25 year-old Monegasque, who first appeared in front of the Criminal Court at the age of 12, has been sent to jail for one year following his latest offence.

Court President Florestan Bellinzona lamented the fact that the culprit had nine convictions for narcotics, death threats, insults, violence, and drunkenness, local French-language daily Monaco Matin reported.

His most recent offence, committed last May, involved an assault on Place d’Armes that send his victim to Princess Grace Hospital for six stitches to a head wound.

In his defence the perpetrator said he had had “a big black hole.”

The tribunal followed the requisitions of the prosecution and sent the young man to jail for six months, adding to that a previous six-month term that had been suspended.

The culprit appeared shocked by the sentence, saying he didn’t understand the need for it as he was working with a doctor and psychiatrist and doing everything possible to go back to his job.