After a neighbour complained of a pervasive smell of marijuana throughout his building in Moneghetti the police searched the apartment of a young real estate worker and found copious evidence of drug use.

Monaco’s criminal court heard that in addition to drugs, several Rolex watches, six telephones and cash were found, with a Maserati in the underground car park, local French-language daily Monaco Matin reported.

With a monthly salary of just 1,000 euros, the 30 year-old defendant in the dock admitted to smoking three or four joints daily. However, his income is supplemented by 800 euros each week by his parents, he said.

By way of explanation he said his marijuana use was purely personal and whenever he drives a car he is “very careful.” The shock of his arrest had stopped him using drugs, he assured the court.

His counsel thanked the police for rescuing his client from his habit, but failed to secure an innocent ruling. Instead, the culprit was given a suspended 10-month sentence, put in probation for two years, and his drugs and paraphernalia – including a set of scales – were confiscated.

FILE PHOTO: The elaborate interior of Monaco’s courthouse