A woman in her thirties has appeared in court in Monaco for failing to adhere to rules and regulations concerning employees in her clothing outlet.

The defendant – Israeli by nationality – had taken on three workers who were not declared to the authorities, a fact that came to light during an on-the-spot inspection, French-language newspaper Monaco Matin reported.

She told the court that she had not realised she was breaking the law and had immediately regularised her position.

Part of the blame lay with her husband who was going to run the ready-to-wear business with her, but she divorced him “because he was a womaniser,” she said.

The prosecution painted a picture of deliberate rule-breaking, saying the woman was not interested in the legislation in force.

However, her defending counsel said she had regularised the situation following the labour inspection, that she had been placed in an unfortunate position following the breakdown of her marriage, and there was also a language problem.

The tribunal found her guilty but imposed a relatively modest fine of 150 euros for each of five offences.