As everyone who was in Monaco last summer can testify, it was very warm indeed and at times unbearable.

Official figures have confirmed this with several new records set. The meteorological station at Jardin exotique registered 35.1 degrees on July 20, in the middle of a heatwave that started in June and continued into September.

Overall for the year, temperatures were 1.4 degrees higher than average.

Monaco’s Direction of the Environment comments that “Each ten years is warmer than the one before.”

Technically, there were two heatwaves in Monaco last summer, from July 17 to 21, and from July 30 until August 10. During these periods daytime temperatures were above 31 degrees.

But as an example of how long-lived the very warm spell was, the thermometer registered 30.6 degrees on May 27, and 31.3 on September 9.