A total of 22 fatal accidents involving electric scooters took place in France in 2022, compared to ten in 2021.

In Paris, three people died in scooter accidents last year, compared to one the previous year. The total number of accidents causing injuries rose from 353 to 459.

A referendum is planned for April 2 in the capital to decide on a ban on rental scooters, with the mayor, Anne Hidalgo, declaring herself in favour.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, injuries are most often to the head and the arms. Nationally, police sources report that nine out of ten injuries involve scooter riders without helmets.

However, many serious accidents involve innocent pedestrians. In June last year in Nice, a five year-old Ukrainian refugee was killed by a scooter on the Promenade des Anglais.

In Monaco, adult scooter users may use public roads, just as cyclists, and should wear hi-viz vests and helmets.

FILE PHOTO: Rental scooters in Paris Reuters