The year 2022 saw the Green Coffee Monaco company accelerating its beneficial impact on the environment.

Another aim carried into the coming year is to focus on Monaco. With its bio-degradable capsules, organic coffee range and its own specialised coffee machines Carina Luis y Prado is ready to help every business need, she told NEWS.MC.

“We install the coffee machines in offices in Monaco and provide a monthly maintenance service included in the full-service agreement that includes the machine rental,” says Carina, the company’s Managing Director.

“Having lived in different countries both in the Americas and Europe, what attracted me to Monaco was the diversity and deep international roots of the Principality,” said Carina, who comes from Argentina.

“Monaco has a perfect environment to set up an international business like ours.”

She moved to Monaco in 2013 with the idea of finding an alternative to consuming coffee in aluminium or plastic capsules that are hurting our environment, and offer a cleaner, eco-friendly solution that is cost-effective.

After months of research, Green Coffee Monaco found its niche.

“We developed our products based on both green coffee and roasted coffee and not only do we offer roasted coffee in grain, ground and zero-waste biodegradable capsules, but also we have developed a whole line of products based on ‘green coffee’, or unroasted coffee beans, that keep all the healthy benefits of the green coffee beans.

“Conventional coffee is among the most heavily chemically treated foods, but all our coffee and products are organic, and our packaging is environmentally friendly. In addition, we make our products available to the public via specialised and general supermarket chains and our website that delivers directly to companies and individuals.”

Life may be too short to drink bad coffee – and the way we take it may also influence our choices.

 “Every year, there are 70 tons of aluminium waste coming from used aluminium coffee capsules in Europe. This is equivalent to 6.5 Eiffel Towers.  Unfortunately, in France, only 25 percent of this waste is recycled, which means that the other 75 percent ends up in nature without recycling for a material (aluminium) that can take 300 years to decompose,” says Carina.

Given that the disposal problems do not have a realistic short-term solution, the sustainable way to drink coffee is either by consuming zero waste biodegradable capsules or to make coffee the traditional way using grain coffee beans.

Carina drinks four to five coffees a day. She dreams of Monaco where we do not use aluminium or plastic to make our daily coffees. “If consumers understood the benefit of using zero waste capsules or making coffee with coffee beans instead, without giving up on taste, that would be perfect!”

PHOTO: Carina Luis y Prado Martina Brodie