The Monaco Cloud project was well-represented at the annual business expo, Monaco Business, at Le Meriden on Tuesday, October 4.

Operating Partner Arthur Allain Dupre, who worked on the development of the Principality’s cloud, explained that the Monaco Cloud project enables businesses in the Principality to safely store their data without the risk of that information becoming a target for foreign jurisdictions.

In particular, the US Cloud Act, a lesser-known cousin of the US Patriot Act, poses a threat to the inviolability of non-US data, as it was designed to enable US law enforcement bodies to access and use privately-held data in Europe.

Monaco businesses are able to join the Monaco Cloud from between 100 and 200 euros per month, Arthur told NEWS.MC, and safely store their data without the risk of compromise.

PHOTO: Mehdi Stouli, Security Engineer at Monaco Cloud, Giulia Saroufim, Head of Marketing and Communications at Monaco Cloud, and Arthur Allain Dupre, Operating Partner at Monaco Cloud. Martina Brodie