A 25 year-old Lithuanian, very drunk, stole a scooter from where it had been left with the keys in the ignition in Larvotto because it appeared to have been abandoned, according to his testimony at Monaco Criminal Court.

He headed for the Rock where he was stopped by the police having slipped past the officers at Place d’Armes, weaving and without a helmet, local French-language daily Monaco Matin reports.

The culprit told the court that he had wanted to do a tour of the town before returning the nearly-new Piaggio to its parking spot. “For that you put me in a cell where my rights were flouted,” he complained.

He told the court that his profession was ‘tourist.’ His criminal record in Lithuania had 14 mentions, although there were no black marks in France or Monaco.

Me Maeva Zampori made a brave effort to defend her client, but following a call from the prosecution to send him to jail for two months, the Lithuanian motorbike rider was sent down for 30 days.