While the administration continues to work on an overall energy plan, Minister of State Pierre Dartout has called on everyone to be accountable for their power usage “so that we are more economical.”

Mr Dartout said that power company SMEG had anticipated an increase in the cost of power, adding that in absolute terms the price of gas and electricity has risen strongly, more than 100 percent.

While the French authorities have said they will limit the increase in the cost of power to the consumer at 15 percent, this will mean the difference will be paid by the taxpayer, Mr Dartout said.

He said that Monaco has not yet made a decision on an increase in prices, but will have “a desire to compensate… through the budget.”

The minister appealed to everyone to economise where they can and suggested that public lighting is a likely target for cutting electrical consumption.

PHOTO: Minister of State Pierre Dartout Monaco Government Press Service