On September 9 Experiential Yachting together with Monaco Capital of Advanced Yachting carried out a neuro-scientific experiment at the Monaco Yacht Club that compared the effects of meditation on land versus onboard small watercraft at sea, which in this case was a jet ski.

One of the goals of the experiment is to explore the alternative use of superyachts and small watercraft for holistic purposes. 

It is known that there are three levels of stress : positive, tolerable and toxic stress. Eustress – beneficial stress – is released when alternating to a different environment allowing you to stimulate brain flexibility and adaptation to different states of mind and body.

“Our lives are very contrasting (ups/downs; waking/sleep mode, etc.), but many of us don’t realise it because the time frame of contrast is usually measured in hours, days, weeks or even months, such as work versus vacation.

“But today you will make your cells live a “mini-life” of contrast events (action/inaction)  in just seven minutes,” Maria Alekseenko Magan told the two dozen participants.

By putting the body in the rhythm of sea waves, through consciousness one will make the inner ‘community’ of cells to experience a wave motion. This mediation state at constant motion of the sea may have more beneficial effect on our human brainwaves than the same meditation on land in stillness. 

The experiment was executed by the founder of Experiential Yachting, Maria Alekseenko Magan, a Monaco-based entrepreneur, Claudia Batthyany, head of Monaco Capital of Advanced Yachting, alongside Matteo Noferi, an expert in Data Science & Neuromarketing, and Patrick Cosson, MD, PhD in Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience and Neurochemistry.