Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation has sent a request to Monaco and other European countries for the extradition to Ukraine of the former member of the Ukrainian Parliament and businessman Kostiantyn Zhevaho, according to multiple sources.

Zhevaho is already the subject of an Interpol warrant. His whereabouts were pinpointed by an investigative report by Ukrainian Pravda on August 17. He was said to be one of many Ukrainian expatriates the newspaper called, with bitter irony, “The Monaco Battalion.”

A statement from the SBI said: “Employees of the FBI are taking a comprehensive approach to this case, other episodes of illegal activity by some “fighters” of this “elite club” are also being investigated. In particular, employees of the SBI have confirmed the location of one of the heroes of this journalistic investigation. He is a suspect in the Bureau’s criminal proceedings regarding the illegal embezzlement of funds. Currently, measures are being taken to detain him and extradite him to Ukraine. The documents that will bring his meeting with the investigators closer have already been sent to the relevant EU countries.”

PHOTO: Kostiantyn Zhevaho