The long-term partner of a Ukrainian woman who had been staying at the Monte-Carlo Bay hotel has appeared in front of Monaco’s Criminal Court charged with assaulting his partner, local French-language daily Monaco Matin reported.

On the night in question, April 14, the defendant became enraged when he discovered that his partner had spent 10,000 euros on a Hermes bag. He took a knife and cut it into shreds.

She had not instigated the prosecution nor had she asked for any damages, despite the fact that she was assaulted and had bruising to prove it.

The defendant’s defence lawyer argued that the two were still a couple and were looking for an apartment to live together: “Certainly, cutting the bag with a bread knife is contrary to our customs. But it is a couple who love each other and who want to resume living together… The prosecutor’s request to prohibit contact is counterproductive! Because these two spouses are currently looking for an apartment in Monaco. So, do not separate them in their intentions to resume living together. My client is deeply attached to his partner, even if he slipped. Before deliberating, listen to him asking for forgiveness and affirming that it will not happen again.”

However, the court heard she had been abused over a period of five years in Kyiv and her common law husband was the subject of a restraining order.

He cited the war in his homeland as an aggravating factor.

“I had spent the evening drinking at the hotel bar… Then, during a meeting, a man gave me coke which I consumed in the toilets of the hotel. I recognise some of the facts. I’m sorry. I come from a region torn apart by armed conflict. I’m still in a state of shock…”

The court was not indulgent and sentenced the culprit to one year in jail.