The anecdotal evidence was already in, and on Monday the Government confirmed that the 2022 Grand Prix was a runaway success, at least in financial terms.

The public came ‘en masse’ to Monaco, whether by rail, boat or helicopter.

From Wednesday May 25 to Monday May 30, there were 2,400 helicopter movements and 5,075 passengers transported. This is an increase of 21 percent in flights and four percent in passengers from 2019, the last GP event before the pandemic.

Rail passengers increased from 96,721 in 2019 to 106,683, while car park occupancy was up by 15 percent.

Hotel occupancy was up by three percent, to 100 percent or close, while room rates jumped by 18 percent on average.

Eighty percent of restaurateurs quizzed by the Welcome Office said the GP’s impact on their business was positive or very positive.

Visitors came mainly from France, Italy, the UK and Germany, while the US and Latin America were also well-represented.