The owner of the U Can U Gatu pet shop and grooming salon in Fontvieille has been organising shipments totalling one and a half tonnes of pet food for domestic animals affected by the war in Ukraine. Help has also been sent to zoo animals in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city, which until recently was one of the targets of Russian artillery.

A dozen shipments have already happened, each containing 300 kg of dried food.

Sophie Harel told Monaco Matin that the total cost is about 4,000 euros, half of it paid by her clients and the other half by her salon.
Madame Harel said that transport has posed the biggest problem, and it is difficult to keep up the flow of donations when the conflict lasts so long, but she is determined to keep the operation going, step by step.

The salon is still accepting donations, either for the purchase of pet food at discounted prices or in cash donations to help with fuel costs.

PHOTO: Sophie Harel and helpers loading a van Photo provided