Fabrice Cavallera, president of the Nice taxi union, and Christophe Sella, president of the Côte d’Azur VTC Committee, which brings together professional drivers who cater for tourists and convention visitors, have called off a planned protest during the Grand Prix after the Monaco Government relaxed some of the regulations limiting their access to the Principality.

Thirty additional ‘vignettes’ will be issued for Nice taxi drivers. French drivers must give notice to the Police in Monaco, of at least two hours, if they wish to pick up a customer in Monaco.

“We would just like to have reciprocity. When Monegasque taxis take care of customers in France, they do not send an email to Mr Macron,” said Fabrice Cavallera.

However, the truce is temporary, as the high season ends on October 31.

“We will all see each other again in September to start from a blank page,” said Christophe Sella.

FILE PHOTO: Lady learner taxi drivers prepare for a lesson Nice Taxi Drivers’ Federation Facebook page