Cars will be immobilised for 120 hours and fines issued if drivers ignore rules or cause “significant disturbance to public order,” during some forthcoming events, the Monaco police have warned.

In a statement on Monday, May 9, the Sûreté Publique said: “The Prince’s Government draws attention to the fact that certain particularly well-attended events can cause large concentrations of vehicles likely to cause significant disturbance to public order.”

The police say that often spontaneous gatherings of sports car enthusiasts often accompany events such as the Grand Prix and Top Marques. They promise to “fight more effectively against the perpetrators of occasional nuisances and so preserve the public peace and security of the residents of the Principality.”

Forthcoming events that will be the focus of the ‘robust’ approach are the 13th Grand-Prix Historique – from May 13 to 15; – 79th Monaco F1 Grand-Prix – from May 26 to 29; -and Top Marques – from June 8 to 12.

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