Monaco’s Department of Public Security has issued a warning to the public to be very wary of callers who pretend to be customer service managers of financial institutions.

“Malicious individuals pose as bank advisers and inform people that they have been victims of fraudulent movements (purchases on the Internet in general). The criminals overcome the vigilance of their victims by giving information relating to accounts held by them and encourage them to put an end to fraudulent transactions by making a transfer via a code received by SMS or by clicking on a link sent by institution to secure the funds,” the police statement said.

“The Sûreté Publique invites the public to be extremely vigilant in the face of this type of canvassing and reminds you that under no circumstances should you communicate your usernames and passwords over the phone or even open an attachment to a message on the Internet whose origin is unknown.”

The Police invite individuals who believe they may have been targeted in a call whose origin seems fraudulent to report these attempted scams to the Police at

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