MonacoUSA welcomed Monaco Streaming Film Festival director Tony Davis to its well-attended mixer on Wednesday evening, May 4.

In her introduction, Annette Anderson, MonacoUSA executive director, said that once again Monaco had scored a first. Despite the burgeoning popularity of Video on Demand services such as Netflix, no other country had hosted a festival devoted solely to streaming until Monaco became the first in 2021.

The first festival took place while coronavirus restrictions were much stricter, but despite this handicap the festival was successful.

Tony Davis with Annette Anderson

The Video on Demand event will not only screen 100 films eligible for awards, but will also host a global industry conference. Also during the event the Reg Grundy Innovation Award will be presented to James Cameron, the Canadian filmmaker.

The second edition will take place from May 31 until June 2 at the Grimaldi Forum, with the Streaming Gala Awards on Friday, June 3.

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