With the electric Grand Prix just around the corner – it takes place on Saturday, April 30 – the Automobile Club has complained of being swamped by calls from people protesting about traffic jams.

Fittingly, the organisers chose the slogan “no turning back” to promote the ePrix, which for anyone who has tried to do a U-turn in Monaco is very appropriate and rather galling. On several occasions I’ve ended up in Larvotto trying to turn into the Carrefour car park coming from the wrong end. Adding to traffic.

If the only future is ‘E’ let’s hope that Grand Prix ticket prices remain at 30 euros once the bad, bad, bad, bad internal combustion engine has been finally banned.

The fact that people are calling le Club other than to try to find a lunch slot any time before Christmas has caused some annoyance and the ACM issued a stern statement.

“The switchboard of the Automobile Club of Monaco has been overwhelmed by a large number of calls complaining about the traffic troubles in the Principality of Monaco. The A.C.M. would like to point out that the traffic jams are due to the fact that there (sic) are being caused by the high volume of traffic in the the one-way streets and the presence and the operations of the building sites in the busy city’s areas. We invite you to take note of this information. The ACM switchboard may be dedicated to the organisation of the three upcoming events.”

Apparently there are two more Grand Prix this summer after the ePrix. I am so underwhelmed by the prospect of a race with cars powered by elastic bands I will be heading to Ventimiglia this weekend, where there’s a real Grand Prix along the main drag every day of the week, with multiple mopeds adding to the thrill of the race.