A book-keeper who worked for several years at the IM2S medical clinic stole cheques valued at 279,237 and credited the amounts to her own account, Monaco Criminal Court heard this week.

Defending her actions, the 58 year-old employee said that they were not fraudulent but provided a way for her employers to pay her a full salary, including many hours of overtime, without incurring higher social charges.

When questioned by police when her misdeeds were discovered, the accused said that she worked 100 hours per week. One hundred and ten cheques were diverted to her own account and a further 29 to that of her son over a period of several years, the court was told.

Her employers had failed to notice what was going on and it took a further four years after the defendant retired for her crimes to come to anyone’s notice.

The court sentenced the retired book-keeper to 15 months in jail, suspended, three years probation, 279,237 in damages and 3,000 euros in costs.