Chef Marcel Ravin of the Blue Bay at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort has won a second star in the 2022 Michelin Guide.

Unveiled on Tuesday, March 22 in Cognac, the Marcel’s inclusion on the list has delighted the Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer.

“The Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer group is today particularly proud of the success of Chef Marcel Ravin. This second star is the recognition of the constant, generous and exceptional work that Marcel Ravin offers to discover every evening at the restaurant Le Blue Bay,” SBM said shortly after the announcement.

“Marcel Ravin joined the Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer group in 2005 and decided to take up the challenge of taking over the reins of catering at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort when it opened, as Executive Chef. A true concentrate of the Monaco experience, the establishment is a “Resort within the Resort” combining hospitality, gastronomy, nightlife, well-being and entertainment, in a chic and relaxed atmosphere,” SBM said.

Born in Martinique, Marcel Ravin left his native island at the age of 17 to hone his skills in the East of France and embarked on a brilliant career that would take him from the West Indies to Brussels via Lyon, before arriving in the Principality.

“Much more than an encounter between his native Caribbean and his adopted land of Monaco, Marcel Ravin’s cuisine recounts the intimate journey of a man who knew how to resonate with the course of the world: an itinerary marked by his native land, the memory of the flavours of family cooking, his encounter with the Mediterranean, but also with the many gastronomic cultures discovered over time and his travels. For Marcel Ravin, culinary creation comes from the heart, it is a universal marriage where the beautiful and the good speak to everyone and make them happy, wherever they come from. Marcel Ravin’s cuisine thus draws as much from his personal history and his taste memory, his “mental palate” as he likes to say, as from the seasons and his present environment, from his entirely organic Monegasque vegetable garden to markets around the world,” SBM enthused.

Marcel has said: “Technique is important and can be singular, but good taste cannot be learned. I don’t sell dreams, I give pleasure. This goes hand in hand with a great demand for oneself: in love, one never wants to disappoint.”

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