HSH Prince Albert took to the Monaco Info TV channel on Thursday evening to express his solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

He said that the images we see each day from Ukraine’s bombarded cities fill us with dread and emphasised his full support for the victims of “these military operations.”

“Our schools, our volunteers and our resources will be mobilised…. As I speak to you, more than three million Ukrainians, mainly women and children, have been forced to leave their country. Many others are still trying to flee.”

“I hope that the Principality of Monaco will take its full part in the extraordinary effort of international solidarity. We will therefore participate in this momentum… Our schools, our volunteers and our available resources will be mobilised to welcome, accompany and support these displaced and vulnerable people… The Monegasque Red Cross will also bring all its expertise in the management of humanitarian crises. And I know that many other Monegasque civil society entities are also hard at work to help.”

The Sovereign has asked His government to set up a coordination unit dedicated to welcoming and supporting refugees from the war.

HSH Prince Albert Prince’s Palace