The van full of carefully selected supplies for fleeing Ukrainian refugees arrived at its destination on Sunday after leaving Saint Paul’s Church in Monaco on Saturday morning.

Drivers Emma and Sarah reported a very warm welcome from volunteers at the Baptist Church in Érd, Hungary.

Emma wrote: “They are doing fantastic work here and we met some of the people they are helping. They are really organised and have a steady stream of people coming through. They will be getting portable showers installed this week which will really help… Some of our donations have been put to one side and will be delivered to the border on Wednesday. The rest of the donations are available for the families coming through.”

Local helpers unloaded the van in very little time

Emma said there is now a particular need for non-perishable food and toiletries.

Arthur Reynolds, who organised the Monaco collection and has a farm in the area and knows that part of Hungary well, said that it’s best if donations are kept at home for a few days before being brought to the church. The plan is for another van load to leave from Monaco as soon as next weekend.

“There will be a continued need here so I think there needs to be a discussion on further collections on how we can help,” said Emma.

Watch this space.