Following a meeting of the committee responsible on Friday afternoon, the Government has announced a relaxation of the rules governing social distancing and the wearing of masks.

From Saturday, February 12, mask-wearing outside will no longer be compulsory, except in certain places and at certain times. Masks must still be worn in markets and at bus stops and outside the Fontvieille Shopping Centre, as well as at the changing of the guard outside the Palace.

The space between tables in restaurants has been reduced to one metre and the maximum number of guests at one table increased to 12. The top limit of 2,000 at events is also removed.

A number of further changes are anticipated for the return to school on February 21.

However, it should be noted that many major restrictions remain as they are. Health Passes will still be needed to enter restaurants, although it should be noted that a 24-hour negative test result is still valid in Monaco but no longer in France where evidence of a three-jab vaccination programme is necessary.

The Government noted that the relaxation of the rules follows an improvement in the coronavirus indicators, with the benchmark infection rate per 100,000 falling to 831 on February 10.