Embattled Boris Johnson told the House of Commons on Wednesday that if present trends continue all coronavirus restrictions will be scrapped in England as soon as February 24, four weeks sooner than the expiry of the present regulations.

The end of the rules would mean that those who test positive for coronavirus would no longer need to self-isolate. He added that ‘encouraging trends’ would need to continue to allow the move, which would not apply automatically to Scotland or Wales

While fellow Conservatives roared their approval of the plan, shadow health minister Justin Madders made clear the opposition Labour Party would need more convincing that the step was “a result of scientific advice and not based on protecting his political position.”

Meanwhile, a photograph published on Wednesday shows the Prime Minister allegedly taking off his tie at a Christmas party during the tightest days of lockdown. Apart from the PM, the image shows two aides, an opened bottle of wine and a half-eaten packet of crisps.

PHOTO: Copyright Daily Mirror