A 27-year-old bartender was caught redhanded behind the handlebars of his two-wheeler while drunk driving, Monaco’s Criminal Court was told. The Beausoleil resident was stopped at 05:45 on blvd. du Larvotto while driving with a rate of 1.04mg per litre of blood alcohol in late August last year, local French daily Monaco Matin reported.

He escaped jail because of no criminal record but was given a one-month suspended prison sentence plus a fine of 1,000 euros.

A similar case involved a 47 year old ski instructor who came from Auron to attend a party with friends at a bar in Monaco. During his stay at the establishment he engaged in a verbal altercation with a worker, following which he abruptly left on his Mitsubishi. The staff notified the police of a drunk driver on the road and he was stopped within 100 metres of the bar.

When he was tested he was discovered to have a blood alcohol level of 1,10 mg/l. This made the judges’ decision very easy as the verdict was a one-month suspended sentence, plus a fine of 1,500 euros.