The annual trimming has started of the fruit trees along many of Monaco’s avenues that bear bitter orange fruit.

The process of picking the sour harvest and trimming the branches of untreated trees – about 500 in total – will last four weeks.

Residents of neighbouring homes should contact the gardeners directly to benefit from free fruit. Last year about one tonne was claimed in this way, out of about 11 tonnes in total.

The harvest has started in Condamine and will last until January 21. Along blvd. de Belgique the process will start on January 17 and last until January 28, while ave. de Grande Bretagne, blvd. de Suisse and blvd. d’Italie will follow from January 31 to February 4.

The fruit is very bitter but is suitable, after sweetening for adding to roasted duck.

PHOTO: Orange trees along rue Grimaldi Max Brodie