“Given the very rapid evolution of the spread of the Covid-19 virus, HSH Prince Albert II has decided to extend the obligation to present a health pass to any person whose work is essential to the continuity of activity of certain enterprises or public entities providing essential services to the population,” the Government announced on Friday evening.

This includes several government departments, telecommunications, energy and water suppliers, and even the banking sector, to name just a few examples, the Government said in a press release. The new measures take effect from Saturday, January 8.

The Prince’s Government has carried out active consultation with all the players concerned in order to introduce this system and the support measures it intends to offer them (training for on-site screening and provision of tests).

The objective is to ensure that the epidemic rebound does not disrupt services essential to the proper functioning of the Principality.

The duration of isolation periods are reduced as long as they are accompanied by strong compliance with barrier gestures.

The different isolation protocols are as follows: 1. Positive case: Isolation 7 days + reinforced barrier gestures for 5 days after leaving isolation. 2. Low-risk vaccinated or non-vaccinated contact cases: No isolation, PCR or antigen test at D + 2/3 of contact. Self-tests recommended on D + 4 and D + 6. Reinforced barrier gestures for 12 days after contact. 3. Unvaccinated high risk contact case or living in the same household as the positive case: Isolation 5/7 days, PCR or antigen test on D + 5/7. Reinforced barrier gestures for 12 days.

In restaurants, the maximum number of guests at a table will be reduced from 12 to 8 and the spacing between the tables will be increased from 1m to 1.5m.

At public events the number of attendees will be limited to 2,000, with the possibility of an exemption.

The Government repeats that vaccination is free and accessible to all residents over 12 years old (or from five years old for the most vulnerable).

It is essential to limit the circulation of the virus as this considerably decreases the risk of contamination and reduces the risk of developing severe forms of the disease. Candidates for vaccination can request an appointment by telephone on +377 92 05 55 00 or via the internet: https: // vaccination- covid19.gouv.mc.