Forty-three Monaco residents tested positive for coronavirus on Sunday, January 2, the same number as on Saturday. Fifty-two full recoveries were also noted. On Friday, the last day of 2021, 82 new cases were reported, taking the three-day total to 168.

One resident, aged 73, died from coronavirus on the first day of the year.

As of Sunday evening, 39 patients are being treated for coronavirus at Princess Grace Hospital, five more than the previous day. Of 16 residents, one is in intensive care.

The number of residents with mild symptoms, recovering at home has dropped slightly to 369.

Meanwhile, in the neighbouring Alpes-Maritimes, the benchmark infection rate stood at 1,232 on Sunday, a considerable increase from the previous day. In Paris, the same rate stands at 2,458. The capital city has made the wearing of masks in all outdoor spaces mandatory.

Also in France, children aged from six must now wear masks in all venues that are open to the public, including schools.

In the UK on January 2, 137,583 new cases and 73 new deaths were reported. In France, 219,126 new cases and 110 new deaths were reported on January 1 and 58,432 new cases and 91 new deaths on Sunday, January 2.

FILE PHOTO: An exhausted nurse on a coronavirus ward in France last week Reuters