The Monegasque Digital Security Agency (AMSN) has launched a local project to destroy digital media hardware.

This involves the physical destruction of USB sticks, SSD cards, hard disks, LTO magnetic tapes and optical disks according to DIN standard 66399. The resulting particles, totally unusable, then go through the recycling process. of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (D3E). The barcodes of the hard disks are scanned and photographed at the input of the process to allow the issuing of a certificate of destruction to the customer.

SMA has been retained to operate this DataDestruction service, which is provided entirely on Monegasque territory, by equipment approved by AMSN, by dedicated staff and with guaranteed traceability.

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PHOTO: Frédéric Fautrier, Director of AMSN, Pierre Salcedo, Deputy Director Environmental Cleanliness at the Monegasque Sanitation Company and Jean-Luc Puyo, Director of Urban Planning. Monaco Government Press Service, Stéphane Danna