The shocking accident in Paris at the weekend that resulted in one death and 20 other cases of serious injuries was not the result of a technical fault in the Tesla involved, the US company claims.

Minister of Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, said: “At this stage, there is no element which would credit the thesis of a technical problem. The American car manufacturer, (has) had access to certain technical data and also affirms that there was no technical failure of the car.”

The driver has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and released on bail as the investigation continues. He was carrying members of his family when the incident took place. He said that the car accelerated suddenly before hitting a cyclist and a number of pedestrians before embedding itself in another vehicle.

On Wednesday, his lawyer, Me Sarah Saldmann, said: “He is very shocked by this accident. He told me that he lost control of his vehicle. The vehicle raced and the brake pedal was unresponsive. And, at the same time, on Tesla cars, there is no handbrake.”

Me Saldmann responded to Tesla’s statement by saying that the car is impounded, so she questions how Tesla would know the cause of the crash.

“I think Tesla is trying to pay attention to its image, which is a little bit messed up.” She added that Tesla models are equipped with a USB stick that records the vehicle’s performance, and this is also impounded at present.

PHOTO: Paris police