Monaco’s students are receiving an increasing amount of their education in digital form, the Government said on Thursday in a three-page press release.

Programming courses are being provided in the 200 square metre EduLab space at Charles III College, which is dedicated to new teaching practices.

Students at Lycée Albert 1er have switched to the digital age since All Saints’ Day, the Government said. “More than an equipment plan, the goal is to transform the learning experience through cutting-edge technological tools: study of the solar system in 3D, design and visualisation of bacteria on a computer, self-correcting online quizzes… and more.

Digital technology has also proven itself in its ability to forge stronger and more fluid relationships between teachers, students and their parents.

Isabelle Bonnal, Director of Education, said: “Children and parents today expect the same services in education as they benefit from in their daily life: view grades, homework or changes in an online timetable, discussing remotely with the teacher, doing paperwork online … With the digital technology, we can effectively meet the educational needs of students and facilitate the personalisation of learning paths.”

Training has also been at the heart of this revolution. All high school students receive six hours of digital literacy training.

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTO: Monaco Government Press Service