As the Omicron variant spreads its tentacles, and alarm, the French government has said that vaccination will no longer be enough to stop its spread.

Speaking on Monday evening after a meeting of top ministers, PM Jean Castex said: “”Vaccination will not be enough…we must slow down the level of dissemination of the virus throughout the population.”

“By reducing the rate of transmission of the virus by only 10 percent, the hospitals could leave the danger zone,” he added.

He said that a new curfew or limits on numbers congregating would be disproportionate.

Addressing the problem of transmission among school-age children he said that masks must be worn in the playground as well as the classroom.

“The propagation of the virus has accelerated among those under 12. Our priority and our compass since the beginning of the crisis, remains and will remain to preserve the education of our children,” he said.

From Friday, December 10, discotheques will close for the following four weeks: “ The virus circulates a lot among young people and wearing a mask is difficult in these places,” he said.

The prime minister also promised to step up checks on Health Passes. He said that it was not a fear of the police that should persuade people to comply, but a fear of the virus.

PHOTO: PM Jean Castex