The second edition of the biggest Italian tasting of glazed chestnuts – Marrons Glacés – took place at Cova on Monday, November 22, at the start of the Week of Italian cuisine.

Mr Enrico Bardini, president of Agrimonata International Monaco – producer of Marrons Glacés for almost 50 years, presented this confectionary delicacy much to the delight of Monaco’s press corps.

“Agrimontana was established by my brother in 1972 always following the Piedmont tradition, an historical know-how of this patisserie art: each chestnut is selected by expert hands, it is slow-cooked in water and sugar, followed by skilful glazing in an oven with powdered icing sugar. The art concludes with the addition of Bourbon vanilla beans which gives a unique and delicate aromatic note to Agrimonata chestnuts.”

Even though this is a seasonal treat, the demand for Marrons Glacés now make them available from October until January. Cova is traditionally offering Agrimonata’s Marrons Glacés during November and the chestnut based patisserie creations of the Cova pastry chef Ferdinando Esposito now also include Monaco-coloured finishing touches.

TOP PHOTO: Ferdinando Esposito, left, and Enrico Bardini Martina Brodie