Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on Tuesday, November 16, that “”no confinement is planned today.”

However, the country is in a state of alert with a big resurgence in coronavirus cases. He said that the incidence of the disease “has increased very sharply over the last week, almost 50 percent.”

Attal said that the situation in France is less “degraded” than in neighbouring countries and there is a high rate of vaccination.
He again pushed the importance of people taking up the opportunity of a booster vaccination.

“It is necessary that the immunity conferred by the vaccine continues and therefore that eligible French people get their vaccination booster,” he said.

On Monday, November 15, 3,241 new cases and 70 new deaths were reported in France. In the UK on Tuesday 37,243 new cases and 214 new deaths were reported.

FILE PHOTO: Gabriel Attal