The eye catching Ni-box building may not be standing long as plans to demolish it are being thought through by the architect Emmanuel Deverini and the developer Patrice Pastor.

The new plans include a restaurant on the roof/terrace area of the building. The interior of the building will feature a bar, an amphitheatre with a projection room and reception rooms. The entrance of the building will be at 35 boulevard Louis-II witch will lead to the reception. Pedestrian bridges and public elevators will also be built, making more places accessible and enhancing pedestrian flow.

The Ni-box was opened on April 25, 2010, if the plans go ahead it will have lived a short life. Originally, Ni-box housed a bowling alley, fast food and other leisure activities.

The price tag for this project will amount to 25 million euros, plus taxes, and the project will take two years to complete. However, the starting date of the project is not known yet.

The building will not be a skyscraper or anything alike but instead will be smaller than the current Ni-box and will be a five-storey building.