Fans of motoring in and around Monaco may already follow Seb Delanney, but for those who don’t, he is an automotive content creator and the face of his own brand.

The 24 year-old Nice native has been turning heads in the Principality for a while now, and the launch of his new sneakers (or trainers to the British) marks yet another milestone in his success story.

On the evening of Thursday, October 28 Delanney launched the second edition of his own sneakers in collaboration with Patino at a packed Tera bar in Monaco’s Port Hercule.

The sneaker, appropriately named the DCS, was created by Delanney and proudly displays his motto ‘Dream Create Share’ on its midsole.

Delanney took the opportunity to thank the team at Patino for helping him make a “dream come true.”

Check out one of his popular videos below.

Featured image by Jack Brodie for NEWS.MC