Marine artist Ti’Ou was at the Marriott Hotel in Cap d’Ail on Thursday, October 14, to present examples of her marine-themed art.

She works with natural materials and elements to create figurative sculptures of her subjects, mainly marine animals that she has encountered as a scuba diver that came to fascinate her. Representational, yet interpreted, her finished works each reflect the inner nature of the creatures she paints or sculpts.

Her unusual name means “little wolf”, a simplified version in Provencal fashion, her region of birth and her spiritual home.

After an international career she founded Terre de Vrai, an association raising children’s awareness of ecological and biodiversity issues.

“The Entre Terre et Mer, Mer Nature et Vie and The Most Beautiful Trees in the World collections, produced in 2020, illustrate this return to the sources of life, this desire to see better and differently the beauty that surrounds us. My approach is as much to sublimate Nature as to let everyone find their own beauty there, according to their experience, their life, their desires: to allow to connect with their keys of interpretation, colours and shapes, supports and materials … to lead us towards respect and the will to preserve.”

Ti’Ou’s sculptures can be seen in the entrance hall of the Marriott Cap d’Ail until December 31, 2021.