Thales is supporting the Monaco Government and public services as well as Monegasque OIVs (Operators of Vital Importance) in strengthening their cybersecurity.

Today, AMSN is collaborating with Thales on the implementation and interactions of cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies, in order to strengthen the digital security of the Government and various Monegasque institutions, companies and Operators of Vital Importance.

In an increasingly connected world, the security of networks and information systems must constantly adapt. Institutions, companies and OIV are the most exposed to cyber issues, which represent one of the biggest threats of the 21st century. Always at the forefront of innovation, hackers are increasing their tricks and attacks, making data protection solutions indispensable and necessary.

In Monaco, the Monegasque Digital Security Agency (AMSN) is the national authority in charge of information systems security. A true center of expertise, response and processing in terms of security and digital attacks, AMSN must prevent, detect and deal with cyber attacks as well as make public services and OIVs aware of digital security requirements.

To always better protect itself, AMSN relies on Thales cyber technologies and works hand in hand with the Group to integrate these different key tools into a common platform.


PHOTO: Pierre Jeanne, Vice-president Cybersecurity Technologies, Pierre-Yves Jolivet, Vice-president Cyber Defence Solutions, Frédéric Fautrier, Directer of AMSN and Henri Chambaud, Directer of Development Defence and Innovation Monaco Government Press Service