Dropping the mask in Monte-Carlo

I am seriously out of pocket this week as I wait for reimbursement from Monaco’s Caisse Sociales after my visit to the swarthy skin doctor and then the pharmacy two weeks ago.

However, as the sun sinks somewhat lower in the sky my face has stopped itching and I’ll cancel next week’s appointment and hope for the best.

I should not tell you this, as it might land me in hot water. I was told about an Instagram page called monacoanonymous, so I took a look. I didn’t stop laughing for half an hour, it’s so damn amusing.

I particularly liked the ‘Facebook post’ that said: “It’s rather warm tonight, so I’ll open the windows.” The post had 207 likes from mosquitoes of the Japanese Gardens.

My wife and I decided that the comic genius behind this Instagram page is male, single, and lives close to Sass on ave. Princesse Grace. Please keep the gags coming and coming… and the photo of the front of McCarthys (RIP), with the caption. ‘OK, it smells but it’s our smell’ struck a chord.

Like all good jokes, it’s better from the horse’s mouth.

It may not be funny, but certainly helpful, but I noticed this week a serious slackening of Health Pass checks. The doors of the Monaco Business salon at the Meridien were wide open to anyone. I slid in and had a free Nespresso coffee from a charming young man.

Later in the week, a cafe not a thousand metres from blvd. des Moulins admitted me without question. All they wanted to know was what I wanted to drink. “Un grand creme,” I said, through my designer face covering. I had to repeat it three times, then dropped the mask.

ILLUSTRATION: The logo of Monaco’s Caisse Sociales