The sovereign cloud has arrived in Monaco, much to the delight of the Monaco administration.

Announcing the fact on MonacoInfo, the French-language TV service, the official in charge of digital transition, Frédéric Genta, said that a sovereign cloud is the best solution for businesses in terms of storing data.

“A cloud allows them to access together a digital service without having the need to house the servers on site. It’s a structure that is very secure… but above all it is economical for Monaco because it is an offer that is more secure, has better service and costs less.”
Public clouds offer less security.

“We are the first European country anywhere to finish our digital infrastructure in advance, with regard to 5G, fibre, digital and electronic transition. The cloud came after three years of construction of infrastructure and three years of preparation. Today Monaco and the Monegasque community are ready for the digital world,” he said.

PHOTO: Frédéric Genta, right, introduces the sovereign cloud