It was a love of yoga and a community of ladies who practice together and take time for themselves that inspired a well-known fertility coach In Monaco, Marketa Hakkinen, to organise a Luxury Wellness Day on Tuesday, September 28.

The event was: “One day of Me Time with a little bit of yoga, meditation, breathing exercise, good food ‘al fresco’ but also an exclusive shopping experience with a beautiful Vita Collection fashion show and presentation of Boutsen Design brand over a glass of “Chateauneuf du Pape.”

“In Monaco you just have to be this perfect woman, perfect wife, perfect mother and we are all so busy that I have realised it is actually quite hard to take an entire day off and enjoy it. I had a lot of ladies saying they could only come for a part of the day because they had no time. But Luxury is taking time for yourself. And that’s how an idea of Luxury Wellness Day came about.”

The venue – the gardens of Grand-Hotel du Cap Ferrat – couldn’t be a more perfect fit for the retreat-like experience with a splendid view and fantastic outdoor facilities for Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises.

Rhonda Hudson, a transformational alchemist of BodyFlow, introduced ladies to a Flying with the Clouds Breathing exercise, breath work in which we allow our own breath to move energy in our body.

“You can think of it as a kind of acupuncture – so when you put a needle into the body it opens up an energy flow in the nervous system – the same is for the breath work but it goes to a deeper level, to the cellular lever and even into the DNA.” Rhonda also led a Releasing Traumatic Symptoms Meditation in the later part of the programme.

“People in Monaco think that they have to go to other places: London or New York or Paris or far away retreats to have these experiences of breath work, meditation or sound therapy but actually what Marketa wanted to bring to people today is to let them know that this exists where they live and they don’t have to travel. We are here, holding space for people who are looking to have changes in their lives.”

Marketa Hakkinen also handpicked a small number of entrepreneur women who were able to present their latest natural health products and solutions for rejuvenation of our bodies, like top end revolutionary skincare MBR (Medical Beauty Research) brought from Beverly Hills by beauty clinic Palme d’Or, Naturopathy products from the pristine Lake Baikal by AquaSante Now!, or treatments like no-needle Luxopuncture by Coralie Polge or Mindful Art Therapy by Yulia Smirnova. The ladies could purchase the luxury leather bags collection Giulietta from Verona by Allison Style – the new already-successful Italian brand, and clothing from Leather Fashion Monaco by Eva Roje and MARLI Slov Fashion.

The day finished with the Vintage Love Dinner with pop star Dimple and an incredible performance by opera singer Julia Cubo.

All in all this was a very successful first edition of the Luxury Wellness Day. The participating ladies agreed they will definitely return for future editions. Book now. There may be a waiting list.

PHOTO: Marketa Hakkinen, centre, with participating ladies Nancy Sanchez