Martin Peronnet, CEO of Monaco Telecom, is very proud of the way in which the Principality’s service provider has improved its service over the last 12 years, when he first joined the company.

During two summer months this year, Monaco ranked first in the world in terms of internet speed, a major achievement by any standards. There is more progress to come.

Monaco Telecom is now migrating to a new fibre service, enabling mush faster speeds and greater stability than cable connections.Ten percent of the customer base is already using fibre,

Mr Peronnet told me this week. “Take-up is now accelerating and our aim is to serve 50 percent of our customer base by fibre by the end of 2023.“Fibre is the network of today and tomorrow. Eventually it will be the only system.

”Monaco Telecom has so far connected 75 percent of buildings to fibre, as it constructs the ‘horizontal’ and ‘vertical’ network.

Customers can check if their building is connected through the user-friendly English-language web pages at  The website also allows users to choose the plan that best suits their needs.

To sign up for the fibre service clients need to visit a Monaco Telecom boutique.Fibre is connected ‘vertically’ to each floor in a building and it takes an average of four hours to make the connection to an apartment, Mr Peronnet said.

A premium service is also available, at 99 euros, to check that all connections are optimised.

An important part of Monaco Telecom’s service is the TV package using Apple TV. “TV is a much more open world than it was. There is full replay capability on all channels for the previous seven days,” Mr Peronnet said, flicking channels in his Fontvielle office.

The company will also very soon launch a dedicated fibre service for small and medium-sized businesses.“Digital transformation is quite important,” Mr Peronnet said, with typical understatement.

“Fibre is good news for everybody. It’s a very good development for the Principality. We are very focussed on fibre, it’s true, but this is because this is how we can bring the best, the fastest and the most user-friendly service to our customers.”


FILE PHOTO: Martin Peronnet