One resident tested positive for coronavirus on Monday, September 20, following two consecutive days with no new cases. Also on Monday, three residents were reported to be fully-recovered.

Six residents are among seven patients being treated for coronavirus at Princess Grace Hospital. One resident is in intensive care.

Ten residents with mild symptoms are recovering at home.

As a result of almost 4,000 PCR and antigen tests carried out on the Principality over the past seven days, the benchmark infection rate has been determined to be 36.51 per 100,000 population, down from 109.52 a week earlier. The rate in the neighbouring Alpes-Maritimes has also fallen sharply, and on Sunday, September 19, stood at 111.3.

In fact, the neighbouring region is witnessing a fall in the infection rate lagging just one week behind that of Monaco.

When Health Pass restrictions will be eased remains a matter of speculation.

FILE PHOTO: A PCR test in progress Reuters