The Oceanographic Institute and France’s National Space Studies Centre are strengthening their collaboration for a better knowledge of the Ocean.

Participating in the Conference on the Economy of the Sea in Nice, the delegation of the National Space Studies Centre (CNES) led by its Chairman and CEO, Philippe Baptiste, was welcomed to the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco by Robert Calcagno, Director, on Tuesday, September 14, where they signed a partnership agreement aimed at developing better knowledge of the Ocean using space technologies.

The signing took place in the presence of HE Mr Laurent Stefanini, Ambassador of France in Monaco.

The two entities have already worked together on a number of projects.

The Ocean, which covers most of the Earth’s surface, is not only a physically, dynamically and biologically complex space, guaranteeing the planet’s ecological and climatic balances, but also a tremendous opportunity for economic development, which lies at the heart of CNES activities.

An essential tool for understanding and monitoring the ocean and the impact of human activities, space must increasingly serve the development of the blue economy that supports the creation of values and jobs and effectively protects and sustainable marine ecosystems, the two sides said in a joint press release.

Space technologies and data will be placed at the heart of the programs developed by the Oceanographic Institute, whose essential mission is to promote knowledge and protection of the marine world.

There will be no shortage of opportunities for the partnership, especially with the next program of the Oceanographic Institute dedicated to the polar worlds in 2022.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Oceanographic Institute of Monaco PHOTO: Robert Calcagno, left, and Philippe Baptiste sign the accord at the Oceanographic Museum