A whole host of varied and talented artists have put their art on show in yet another exhibition organised by Joris Brantuas and Dave van Dorst at the L’Entrepôt gallery, which can be found in the heart of the Principality at 22 Rue de Millo.

A close up from Yasue Kobe’s artwork

This exhibition, titled ‘MY ART GOES BOOM’ has brought together 20 artists, with artworks that vary greatly in style and also in medium.

Sculpture by Laurent Lassource

This artwork, titled ‘Girls Game’ was created by Samantha Ganotakis, who rather unconventionally utilised her own body as a paintbrush on this canvas. 

Passionate about the place of women in society, Ganotakis’ striking pieces often highlight the woman’s body.

Pictured above alongside artwork by Elena Kruk is Dave van Dorst, co-organiser of the exhibition alongside Brantuas.

This colourful exhibition will come to an end on September 15, but worry not, as the dynamic duo aim to launch a new exposition every Thursday. This Thursday, September 16 the focus will shift onto French artist Virginie Soubeiroux.

After that, the L’Entrepôt gallery will open its doors again on September 23 for a van Dorst exhibition titled ‘From the Heart to the Hearts’.

Featured image: artwork by Barrington