The Principality’s Director of Education Ms Isabelle Bonnal was on top form as she told the press on Thursday of the plans for the new school year that starts on Monday, September 6.

Monaco’s education system not only achieves the best possible exam outcomes for students, but also emphasises education in a wider sense, she said.

Mme Bonnal – whose full title is Commissioner General of the Department of Education, Youth and Sport – said that the safety rules that were in force last year will continue very much as before in order to minimise the spread of coronavirus and disruption to classes. There will be no compulsion for students or staff to be vaccinated, she said.

There will be a number of innovations in and out of the classroom. One of these will be a ‘robot’ scheme that will connect students convalescing at home with their classmates in school so that lessons can continue together.

Older students specialising in science subjects will be encouraged to develop their proficiency in English so that when it comes time to apply to university they will be able to apply more easily for places in anglophone universities. For students studying Latin, Ancient Greek will also be offered.

Students with a particular interest in sport will be encouraged to develop their skills with the cooperation of schools and sporting clubs nearby in France, Mme Bonnal said.

PHOTO: Ms Isabelle Bonnal and Minister of Interior Patrice Cellario at Fontvieille School on Thursday, September 2 Ian Brodie