Opponents of the Health Pass in Monaco have asked the authorities to permit three protest demonstrations. So far, the Government has been non-committal about whether the protest marches will be allowed.

Sharon Rochetin, the de facto leader of those opposed to the Health Pass, said on Tuesday that the time has come to move to action: “We wasted a lot of time in sterile discussions. Time, we don’t have any more. The only way to be heard, it is action, it is to demonstrate,” she told Monaco Matin.

The planned protests would start from Place des Moulins on September 4 and 11, at 14:00, and on September 9 at 15:30.

Although trade union protests have been allowed on a routine basis in the past, these ant-Health Pass protests would be a first for the Principality.

Sharon said that the protests are aimed at the Health Pass and also the obligation to be vaccinated. She said that vaccinated people would also take part, and the protests are in favour of choice and freedom.

Monegasques and residents opposed to mandatory vaccination and the Health Pass have previously demonstrated alongside like-minded protesters in Nice.

FILE PHOTO: Security agents check visitors’ health passes in front of the Louvre museum entrance amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Paris, France, July 21, 2021. REUTERS/Sarah Meyssonnier